Mariana Spruce® Color + Clear LED

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We struck just the right balance between beauty and convenience in this Christmas tree. With hand-shaped memory wire branches that automatically fan into place during setup, our Mariana Spruce needs minimal effort to achieve a luxurious look. Enjoy it pre-lit with our tangle-free Easy Plug® technology, or use your favorite lights with our Simple String® system.

Natural Characteristics

Our Mariana Spruce is inspired by the black spruce, or Picea mariana, which thrives in North American territories such as Canada and the Great Lakes. To mimic its natural beauty, we designed our artificial Christmas tree with a classic conical shape and True Needle® foliage in a vibrant forest green hue.


  • Crafted with a blend of True Needle foliage for realism that draws the eye, Classic Needles for fullness, and pine needles for added texture.
  • Easy Plug system incorporates light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into a socket. Currently available on select trees. Click on the specifications below for more details.
  • Pre Fluffed® memory wire branches fan into place upon unboxing for reduced setup time.
  • Our Simple String technology allows you to add custom lights to your tree with ease. Just string the lights strands on each tree section and then plug each strand into the center pole sockets. Secured with sturdy ties of your choosing, the lights strands will stay on for future years even when you take down your tree. Currently available on unlit models of this tree.

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Mariana Spruce® Color + Clear LED

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