Frosted Yukon Spruce® Clear Micro LED

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Delight loved ones with the pristine beauty of a white Christmas. With its asymmetrical shape and snow-covered tips, this spruce has a festive wintry look that brightens up any holiday celebration. Its sparse branches showcase your finest ornaments, while micro LED lights add an inviting glow.

Natural Characteristics

Our frosted Christmas tree captures the most beautiful features of evergreens found in the mountain ranges of the Yukon. Layered branches give this narrow tree an organic silhouette, while soft green needles help create a freshly cut look. Its realistic trunk is carefully detailed to resemble the bark of a live spruce.


  • Our exclusive True Needle® foliage mimics the color and texture of real evergreen branches to bring outstanding realism down to the smallest details.
  • Easy Plug® system incorporates light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into a socket. Currently available on select trees. Click on the specifications below for more details.

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Frosted Yukon Spruce® Clear Micro LED

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