Frosted Fraser Fir® Color + Clear LED

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Invite the splendor of winter into your home with our BH Frosted Fraser Fir. Crafted with heavily flocked lifelike foliage, this Christmas tree echoes the quiet charm of a snow-covered landscape. Decorate with traditional ornaments to create an enchanting backdrop for unforgettable holiday moments.

Natural Characteristics

Widely regarded as the best Christmas tree species in nature, the Abies fraseri is native to the forests of North Carolina and surrounding Appalachian states. Our BH Frosted Fraser Fir takes inspiration from this beautiful tree. Two-toned green needles are coated with just the right amount of snow to capture the ambience of a winter forest. A more organically shaped treetop replicates the natural silhouette of real Fraser firs.


  • Crafted with abundant True Needle® foliage for realism that draws the eye and Classic Needles for added fullness.
  • Easy Plug® system incorporates light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into a socket.

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Frosted Fraser Fir® Color + Clear LED

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