BH Noble Fir® Color + Clear LED

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Bring home holiday cheer with one of America’s most popular Christmas tree styles. Long appreciated for its sturdy branches and attractive blue-green color, the Noble Fir is native to Northwest and Northern California and is trucked across the country to Christmas tree lots nationwide. Enjoy the same beauty and convenience with innovative technology to make setup and storage a breeze.

Natural Characteristics

Meticulously crafted to mimic nature, our designers worked tirelessly from fresh Noble Fir cuttings to perfect our BH Noble Fir’s tips to match the shape, texture, and blue-green color of nature’s superb Abies procera. Of course, we’ve also made sure that each of our True Needle® branch tips is able to support the weight of your favorite ornaments, just like nature’s Noble Fir (but without the sap).


  • Crafted with abundant True Needle® foliage for realism that draws the eye and Classic Needles for added fullness.
  • Easy Plug® system incorporates light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into a socket

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BH Noble Fir® Color + Clear LED

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