BH Blue Spruce Flip Tree® Color + Clear LED

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Delight in the beauty and convenience of a lifelike artificial Christmas tree with the BH Blue Spruce. It features our exclusive Flip Tree technology to minimize setup, giving you more time to decorate and enjoy the holidays.

Natural Characteristics

To recreate the iconic look of the Picea pungens, our lead designer went so far as to plant a live tree in his backyard for reference. The result is a lifelike replica—from the upswept branches down to the dense, tapered needle tips in a blue-green color.


  • With our innovative Flip Tree® design, simply rotate the base of the tree into place and attach the top portion. The sturdy stand has improved rolling and locking capabilities for effortless assembly and storage.
  • Crafted with abundant True Needle® foliage for realism that draws the eye and Classic Needles for added fullness.
  • Easy Plug® system incorporates light connections in the trunk, so lighting your tree is as simple as plugging it into a socket

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BH Blue Spruce Flip Tree® Color + Clear LED

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